I’m a grandmother

My kids discovered Build-a-Bear yesterday when their cousin had his birthday party there. We now have a police officer named Cutie and a baby in jammies named Gaga, Snuggly Baby Bear. Gaga also has a stroller and Cutie has black patent leather boots, thanks to Nanny. 

I am amazed at the popularity of this workshop-based marketing scheme. Kids love making the bears, holding the foot peddle while the stuffing goes in, hugging them till they are just right and then fluffing and brushing them to snuggly perfection. After the hearts are in and the strings are tied, it’s time to rid Mom and Dad of their savings.

The store is filled with little bear outfits and accessories, some priced higher than I pay for my kids clothes. But, you can’t put a price on a good time and that’s what this was.

One would expect girls to be all over this of course, but I’m amazed at how the boys take to it. It’s heartwarming to witness how serious they are about creating and loving this new pal, who comes complete with a personalized birth certificate to make it authentically theirs. They can even register their bear in case it ever gets lost. Lots of email contact comes from that I bet.

The feminine nurturing quality that’s being instilled in these little boys is touching and I think that’s a good thing. Perhaps Build-a-Bear is contributing to world peace, one little furry friend at a time. My kids adopted their bears as kids…they will be great dads someday. 

While my 3 year old was having Gaga, Snuggly Baby Bear’s strings tied off, they found a knot and had to remove the pre-strung thread and sew it by hand. He was distraught. He felt he had done something to hurt his bear. He sobbed uncontrollably and we stayed close-by while Gaga underwent his operation. Still, today and tonight he lamented that he may have caused the knot. He wondered too, while only his bear had the knot. I better ask a psychologist about this sometime. 

I must admit I enjoy that my kids can dress themselves now and then and give me a break to do some Mommy things. So today I sort of resented being catapulted back in time, dressing teddy bears. At least they don’t wear diapers or wet the bed. Obviously I’m not ready to be a grandmother yet. 

It was worth every penny to witness their interactions as they played the “Mom and Dad and kid game”. Build-a-Bear, I’m sure we’ll be back.


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