Daily Archives: March 10, 2007


How can I tell if there is hope when the road seems long
and there is nothing to guide me.

I look within and see a scared little girl
who is shy and quiet, not wanting to let herself down.

But what of the future and what of the past.
I’ll set them aside and let the present be my guide.

I’ll feel what I feel and love what I love. 
With yesterday’s pain behind me and
tomorrow’s joy yet to be conceived.


Readings – #6

At Church last Sunday we were invited to open the bible each day for a week, point to a verse and keep a journal of what we found as well as the message that broke through for us. I thought this would be a great way to practice writing. It is, but I’m discovering much more than that.

Here’s the 6th reading for the week, you’ll find them all in Faith.

Luke 11:21-26
When we guard our belongings with weapons we can be defeated by someone with more weapons. When we send out evil thoughts and do evil things, these things come back to us stronger than when they left. When we are not with Jesus we are scattering ourselves.

What does this say to me today?
Have faith that you will be safe and open yourself up to the joy around you. Don’t guard yourself so tightly that you cannot be known to others. Send out only positive thoughts and do good things for others, for these will also come back to you.

I did that today!


Child’s play is a miracle of the human spirit. One minute two children can be fighting and kicking and screaming at each other and the next they are playing joyfully, sharing, hugging, encouraging each other. As I experience this from a distance, I’m really learning so much about how we can love and fight and forgive and forget and love again. It’s a learning. The best class I’ve ever taken.


If someone brings you fun, absorb it. If you are feeling hurt by something or a situation, move out of the way and let it go by. If you are feeling loved, let it surround you and bring you peace. If someone leaves a mark, be gentle with yourself till the scratch is gone.


“Forever is a long time,” she said, twisting her hair through her fingers.

“Not long enough sometimes,” he said, gently brushing her arm. 

“But I was hoping this would go quick. I’m not ready,” she said.

He shifted in his seat. “I’m disappointed. I thought we were together on this.”

“We are,” she said, “I’ve just fallen a bit behind.”

“So we’re good?” he asked.

“For now,” she said.