Daily Archives: March 8, 2007

Readings – #4

Here’s the 4th reading for the week, you’ll find them all in Faith.

1 John 4:4-6
The spirit of God is stronger than the world. Those that concentrate on worldly things have limited power. Those who know the true spirit are more powerful. With this understanding, we can recognize the true spirit versus the false.

What does this say to me today?
What it feels like for me is that we will be comforted and more powerful by attaching ourselves to the true spirit and setting aside worldly aggressions and false spirit. Being true to ourselves, and loving ourselves, will make us more powerful.



Get set

“So then what happened?” he asked.

She looked softly into his eyes took a deep breath and leaned in. “I jumped, feet first, no ropes.” 

“What did it feel like?” he asked, moving closer still.

“Revealing, energizing, naked, free,” she replied.

“Wow,” he said, pulling back a little, “would you do it again?”

“Tomorrow. Wanna come?”