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Happy Birthday Cathy!

Tomorrow I will sit by your grave and miss your physical presence; yet, you’ll be there, because you are everywhere. I cling to the comfort of knowing we are all one. It’s not just your memory that keeps me going but the understanding that I don’t ever have to say goodbye — for there is no separation. You know the truth, the beautiful, loving truth that we all will one day.

I lament that I can’t call you and tell you my shit and hear your little giggle and supportive sighs. In consolation, I become silent and still and feel you within me.

The heather plant I’ve been nurturing all spring and summer is ready and I will be leaving it with you as a birthday present. Like our entwined spirit,  it’s an evergreen and spreads with reckless abandon. Perhaps it will make its way to Dad.

Love is the only reality, it survives everything.  The rest is a dream we participate in.

Oh, and I think there will be cake, there’s always cake. This year it will be moist with our tears.

I love you so much.


The Passion – Part 1

Pastor Kimber asked if I would share my interpretation of the Passion story for the week of Easter. I’ve started with Luke 22 14:71. Look for more this coming week.

This is the story of the last supper and how Jesus was subsequently betrayed by Judas and Peter and brought to be blindfolded, beaten and insulted.

What am I thinking about this?

It’s difficult to interpret passages that I’ve heard so often. I think I haven’t ever really understood, just followed in faith. However, understanding strengthens our faith so this is a good exercise.

During his final meal with his disciples, Jesus monumentalized an everyday ocassion. Through this, we are given an opportunity to reflect daily on God’s love.

When we share a holy meal with our church family, we are sharing a common reflection, usually reserved for Sunday mornings. But we can bring this to every meal, silently or formally and include nourishment for our faith.

Jesus challenges us to see true leaders as children and the greatest kings as servants. This says to me that to remain open to love we must see life as a child and experience all things without adult prejudices.  Do not live as if you deserve to be waited on but live to wait on others. For we cannot be wise nor great without knowing innocense and humility.

Jesus said to pray not to fall into temptation. His disciples attacked those who came to bring Jesus to justice. Jesus demanded they stop and healed the wrong they had done. This seems to be a pre-cursor to the gathering of our sins that Jesus died for.

Through our faith our sin is removed and we are able to focus on today and tomorrow—not the guilt of the past. With this heavy burden removed, we are free to experience each new day as a child and lead others to witness the same peace.

Jesus knew his path, he knew it could not be altered. He was prepared and ready to be with God. I don’t believe we are given such a clear path. I do believe, however, that our true paths are revealed to us through prayer and meditation. When we are at peace with our lives, we are clear to see and fulfill our future.

Readings – #6

At Church last Sunday we were invited to open the bible each day for a week, point to a verse and keep a journal of what we found as well as the message that broke through for us. I thought this would be a great way to practice writing. It is, but I’m discovering much more than that.

Here’s the 6th reading for the week, you’ll find them all in Faith.

Luke 11:21-26
When we guard our belongings with weapons we can be defeated by someone with more weapons. When we send out evil thoughts and do evil things, these things come back to us stronger than when they left. When we are not with Jesus we are scattering ourselves.

What does this say to me today?
Have faith that you will be safe and open yourself up to the joy around you. Don’t guard yourself so tightly that you cannot be known to others. Send out only positive thoughts and do good things for others, for these will also come back to you.

I did that today!

Readings – #5

Here’s the 5th reading for the week, you’ll find them all in Faith.

Luke 9:20-26
This is where Jesus told the diciples that he would suffer, die and be raised to life. He gave them strict orders not to tell. He explained that anyone who wanted to join him needed to give up themselves and live for him. Anyone who tries to save themselves will lose, but those who give their life to him will have their life saved.

What does this mean to me today?
I guess this is the famous passage that who ever believes in me shall not die but have everlasting life. To me this isn’t literal. I think we experience many deaths during our physical lifetime. When we are too focused on ourselves and are not sharing love, we experience an emptiness that is like a death. But when we follow the light, which is Jesus’ love, we are saved over and over and are able to experience a bit of heaven here on earth. The beauty is that this light is always there, we need only look, it’s never too late.

I wasn’t expecting that!

Readings – #4

Here’s the 4th reading for the week, you’ll find them all in Faith.

1 John 4:4-6
The spirit of God is stronger than the world. Those that concentrate on worldly things have limited power. Those who know the true spirit are more powerful. With this understanding, we can recognize the true spirit versus the false.

What does this say to me today?
What it feels like for me is that we will be comforted and more powerful by attaching ourselves to the true spirit and setting aside worldly aggressions and false spirit. Being true to ourselves, and loving ourselves, will make us more powerful.


Readings – #3

Here’s my third reading this week. See them all in Faith.

Hebrews 13:7-9
In the letters to the Hebrews we are instructed to remember those who have guided us, how they lived and how they died. We are challenged to imitate the steadiness of Jesus’ faith and not be lead astray by rules that are not good for our soul.  For when we obey the wrong rules, we do not achieve what our soul desires.

What does this mean to me today?
Do not follow false leaders who don’t care about your truth. Let the peace you find within yourself guide you to your proper path. Be steady, trust in your faith and follow the path that’s revealed to you. Only your true path will bring you what you desire.

I get it. 

Readings – #2

Here’s my second pick for the week.  See them all in Faith.

1 Corinthians 14:1-4
This is where Paul tells us that we should strive to communicate love—not through material things, but through spirtual gifts, especially the gift of speaking God’s message. No one understands someone who doesn’t speak God’s message. They make strange sounds in the name of God and help only themselves. But those that speak God’s message bring help, encouragement and comfort to the whole church.

What does this say to me today?
If you concentrate on material things, you will be left alone with your stuff. Love is not about how many toys you have. Love is about spreading the message that we are loving and lovable. Use your God-given talents to spread a message of love and you, and those around you, will be richer.

Boy, I needed that today!


Today in church we were invited to open the bible each day for a week, point to a verse and keep a journal of what we found as well as the message that broke through for us.

Here’s my first pick. See them all in Faith.
(I’m using Today’s English Version of the New Testament that I received on my first communion in 1976.)

Acts 4:13-26
This is when the members of the council told Peter and John that they had better not speak or teach of the miracles that were performed by Jesus. Peter and John boldly said they would not be able to stop. They were warned even more sternly but let go because the elders could find no reason to keep them. The proof, the man Jesus healed, was with them. So they returned to their group and prayed and continued their work.

So what does this say to me?
Our faith may not be popular, nor may it make us rich or well educated, but believing in the miracle of God’s love will fill you with a rich and articulate peace that cannot be obtained through any other means. We will constantly be challenged throughout our lives by people who decide their authority is stronger than our beliefs and our witness. Be bold and find strength with those that share your faith. 

That was fun!