Readings – #5

Here’s the 5th reading for the week, you’ll find them all in Faith.

Luke 9:20-26
This is where Jesus told the diciples that he would suffer, die and be raised to life. He gave them strict orders not to tell. He explained that anyone who wanted to join him needed to give up themselves and live for him. Anyone who tries to save themselves will lose, but those who give their life to him will have their life saved.

What does this mean to me today?
I guess this is the famous passage that who ever believes in me shall not die but have everlasting life. To me this isn’t literal. I think we experience many deaths during our physical lifetime. When we are too focused on ourselves and are not sharing love, we experience an emptiness that is like a death. But when we follow the light, which is Jesus’ love, we are saved over and over and are able to experience a bit of heaven here on earth. The beauty is that this light is always there, we need only look, it’s never too late.

I wasn’t expecting that!


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