Daily Archives: March 7, 2007


When you’re living in your mind
you create the perfect space 
then reality breaks through
and throws you off your pace.

I listen to myself
and in my lonely mind
I see brighter days
of the love and loving kind.

So say goodbye to fantasies
and better will appear
you can’t see what’s ahead of you
when the past is still a glare.


Readings – #3

Here’s my third reading this week. See them all in Faith.

Hebrews 13:7-9
In the letters to the Hebrews we are instructed to remember those who have guided us, how they lived and how they died. We are challenged to imitate the steadiness of Jesus’ faith and not be lead astray by rules that are not good for our soul.  For when we obey the wrong rules, we do not achieve what our soul desires.

What does this mean to me today?
Do not follow false leaders who don’t care about your truth. Let the peace you find within yourself guide you to your proper path. Be steady, trust in your faith and follow the path that’s revealed to you. Only your true path will bring you what you desire.

I get it.