Daily Archives: March 21, 2007


My live is full. Busy and joyful and fulfilling and worth waking up for. I love the madness. I love the excitement. I love being in it. I love being me. My house is messy, my kids are idle, my dog is frantic and I’m at peace.

Peanut Butter

This morning it was just Mandy and I so the routine was a bit calmer. I put peanut butter in her Kong and slipped out. No barking. Seems like a good trick, but I can’t say what happened when she found me missing.

Everything was intact when I arrived home. She’s hard to handle and doesn’t listen so well when she’s excited. None of us do, I guess. We took her for a walk and tried a game of fetch. She wasn’t interested in the toy she was fetching and found a piece of wood she liked better. The fetching was better with this, but she’s still not returing to me like the fetch rules say. We’ll keep working at it.

I’ll try the peanut butter trick again tomorrow. I want to play tug of war, but I can’t find her rope anywhere. I think she’s hidden it. Silly girl.

Day 3 retraining:  no barking, nothing destroyed, a little hard to settle down, fetching needs practice, barking still controllable when I’m home.