Daily Archives: March 18, 2007


“I wasn’t thinking about anything,” he said.

She looked straight into his eyes. “Not the answer I was looking for.”

“Give me a break. You don’t consume every waking moment of my day. I do have other interests,” he said.

“Still not the right answer,” she said.

His shoulders relaxed. “But when I think of you, it makes me happy.”

“Now we’re getting somewhere,” she said.


View from the front

For the second time this year I went to our local comedy club, Mark Breslin’s Yuk, Yuk’s. I have to admit I feel a little sorry for the performers. The stage is so small, it’s like they are in a cage with 100 sets of eyes clawing them for humour. We enjoyed 4 performances, all very entertaining. The Headliner was an extremely funny woman named Kate Davis who gave it back and soiled my makeup. The banana bit was right on. I won’t share it, it’s worth seeing.

All this made me play with my own comedy routine while I was doing dishes this morning. I have kids and a neurotic dog so there’s a lot of material. 

I took my kids to Wal-Mart today. My 3 year old screamed for me to put stuff back on the shelves. Everyone looked at me like I wasn’t raising him right. 

My dog has a shrink because she has anxiety.  I spent $180 to learn the word “stay”.  That’s $45 a letter. Now I have anxiety.

My son threw a rock and hit me in the back of the neck tonight. I told him to go in the house. He told me he couldn’t reach me from there.

My dog is so smart, when her shrink was talking about playing tug of war, she ran upstairs and brought down her pull-toy. That’s pretty incredible. I have a behavourist because my dog barks at everything, except when the house cleaner is knocking on the door. She seems to like the fur on the carpet. I think she’s cloning a playmate.  

I like humour writing…