Daily Archives: March 23, 2007

A new website

Last night I was reading my email. My five year old snuck out of bed and came downstairs. He said to me, “Mom, wwwILoveYou.ca .” 

The dog’s still here

Mandy is doing well. The peanut butter thing is a charm. Tomorrow she gets a bigger Kong and a some other yummy substances for it.

My day started earlier than usual and ran later than expected. I was prepared for an accident somewhere in the house. I haven’t found it…yet. She didn’t bark when I came in the door. She did bark, however, when I pulled up. She’s just excited.

I’m sure the neighbours were outside today. I’ll ask tomorrow for an update on the noise level inside my house.

The walk was a little pully again. I noticed she barks at motorcycles, bicycles, diesel engines, buses, the odd minivan and some runners. I can’t determine the significant qualifying factor that’s common among this group of agitants.  

Retraining Day 5:  Barking contained in the house when I’m home.



I’m feeling like a child
and wondering what to do
the earth is spinning faster
my dreams are coming true

A sense of what can be
overflows my soul
the light that’s growing brighter
solidifies my role.


Every time I’m faced with a career dilemma, I receive a call from someone who requires my freelance services. That’s telling me something. Lately I’ve been referring callers to a friend of mine whom I trust. It’s not that I don’t want the work. Sometimes the timing is just not right or the work is too much for me to handle on a part-time basis. Tonight I said yes, because it’s right. I felt it. Or should I say, I didn’t feel that I shouldn’t. I’m trusting my intuition, it’s not wrong. I’m opening up and I like where it’s taking me. Struggling with my intuition makes me tired, following it fills me with confidence and strength.

It may be a post-39 thing. My post-39 friends agree, just be quiet and listen. The answers will come. Perhaps I’m simply experiencing the wisdom of the ages. I love it!

I’ve subscribed to a new magazine called More. I like celebrating the freedom, confidence and the license to deny that comes with being at least 4 decades old. I must admit, I hid the cover a bit at the sushi restaurant when I took it from my bag. When I left, however, I flashed it around proudly. I feel strong, a little tired, but strong.