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My Easter Poem

by Guest Blogger:  Justin Hindle

Easter is fun I get to have Easter egg hunts
I might get a new truck and do lots of stunts.

I’ll eat lots of chocolate and jelly beans
and when I go to sleep I’ll have lots of bad dreams.

When I wake up I’ll see the Easter bunny
and if he eats all my chocolate, I’ll say,

“Give me some money!”



There’s a little secret
someone wants to tell
hidden deep within them
it whispers as a yell

Forever in the darkness
of truth and truth untold
breathing as a fire
souls bought and sold

Loving as forever
shaking, wondering why
staring into salty waves
broken from a lie

Turning passions slowly
grinding past the rush
falling deep and restful
slumber wet and lush


Heavy into longing
aching intrepidation
soothing my addiction
with gentle breaths

Affirming beliefs
in life’s red carpet
feeling my end point
delicious repose

Nurturing the path
embracing acceptance
releasing my grip
relaxing fear


Feeling overwhelmed
with hope and thoughts of more
finding every bit of me
knocking at the door

Down for the strum
into night’s pain
feeling water cleanse
and drying me insane

What, whatever, what for
when, whenever, wherefore
truth is present in itself
silent voices close the door

Waiting for something
waiting for time
wanting even more of me
fighting the sublime


Slowly I move toward the truth
lingering ever so slightly in despair
finding strength in conscious thought
and inward love of self

Oh how I long to reach the point
where yesterdays are gone
and the future begins this moment
to birth a new tomorrow

Holding memories for warmth
listening to the flow of life
feeling the tug of hope
to be surrounded by love again

Blessed are the moments
we reach for every one
to mean something more
than yesterday’s pain


Spring snow

The green is there
I can feel it

White healing
covers the wounds
of sun
and bike tracks

Fertile soil remains
aching for replenishment


Growing loosely
free of pain
absorbed by trust
exponent faith

Dangling timbers
silent of fear
whispered solitude
reluctant tears

Asperous memories
unbound by the soul
reward awaits


A familiar emptiness
washes over me

Pain smiles at me
and laughs at my tears

Stillness brings no comfort
I shiver

Some things you dream about
are not meant to be

Why settle for a dream?
Embrace reality


Life is beautiful
beyond the pain
beyond the sorrow
beyond the rain

Take my hand
I’ll lead the way
to reveal a glimpse
of the morrow’s day

Lost is a place
full of transient fear
move a little closer
the truth in your ear

It’s up to you
to make it so
your soul is screaming
to let it go

But fear pulls you back
and covers your eyes
the beauty is hidden
the pain only lies


Following a path
guided by longing
tripping on bruises
and wonder lust

Something so fierce
drives me forward
into the deep
of misplaced hope

Hearing the voice
full of surprise
listening intently
with passionate eyes

Some dreams live
so faith remains
some dreams die
to lighten the load

If onlys are torture
demons entangled
releasing emotion
to fuel up again