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I will not fall back
helpless in my heart
I’ll shake the fear of nothing
and wait without a thought

Promises made to self
to leave the pain behind
and enjoy the sudden thrill
of laughter and warm times

No assumptions required
nor created in my heart
face the day with brightness
knowing I’m alright

If time calls sweetly
and the message clear
I’ll sing a new song
through joyous tears


The calm of morning greets me
an emptiness takes hold
your arms replaced by words
and gifts you left behind

Sorrow not for knowing
the sacred moments held
of growth and delicious comfort
and peaceful souls entwined

Time is not the master
a spec is deeper still
than years of painful longing
to experience the thrill

Hope is deep within me
for healing and for peace
for reaching love of self
and accepting someone else

Fear not brave soul
you’re perfect as you are
love will find a path
and play a song for you

The gift of you was plentiful
nothing can replace
thank you for the moments
shadows cannot erase


Telling the truth to myself
seeing the sun shine again
feeling a sense of meaning
within the communion

Washing the soul with light
feeding the powerful beast
finding comfort in hope
and dreams of his hand in mine

Looking forward, never back
except to examine the path
absorbing myself in the future
releasing the pain of the past

Surely life is my creation
my thoughts build a castle of stone
safe inside I slumber
not feeling the sting of the cold

Rain may come and flood me
but sun will surely shine
leaving me only refreshed
a speck in the absense of time

Imagined or real
it’s the same to the soul
purpose carried by dreams
to free the ego of shame


Screaming wildly at the night
Silently my voice ripples
Only the soul feels my pain
Only the darkness sees me

Lost hunting, wondering
Prey falls before me
Lapping up the hope
Giving way to hunger

Yesterday tickles the old soul
Replaying dreams forgotten 
Lives lived a thousand times
To harvest this moment

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Can you hear the river?

Can you hear the river
flowing through my soul?

Can you hear the river
earth and force its toll?

Can you hear the river
drinking up the rain?

Can you hear the river
causing no one pain?

Can you hear the river
gentle stops and starts?

Can you hear the river
deep within my heart?


Peeking through the curtain
the audience awaits

Feeling fearful
exhilaration wins

Watching time pass quickly
hoping for more light

Shaming insecurity
confident harmony

Frozen sun

The sky forgives the clouds
and shares reflecting blue
I tremble deep inside
my soul emoting truth

Suffer is the day for
life will freeze exposed
Gentle is the promise
sweet mystery still

The response

Wandering lonely, waiting for word
Feeling downhearted, faking a smile

Seeing the reason, a blow to the heart
Hoping for healing, praying for rest

Moving toward something, imagined or real
Seeing myself, embracing the child

Stealing the moment, holding it close
Winning the battle, wondering lonely

Love, unrequited

I wrote this on  back in the summer, but thought I would share for a new friend. I’ve changed one word from the Helium post. Now you’ll be so curious, you’ll make me a penny by going to take a look…

Time is the cruelest master
its face you never see
it whispers soft and low
the best is yet to be

But slowly time erodes
your hopes are washed away
it laughs at you for thinking
real love is on its way

Your arid soil it crumbles
hope scatters in the stream
as tears fall soft and sullen
a new sprout becomes your dream