The calm of morning greets me
an emptiness takes hold
your arms replaced by words
and gifts you left behind

Sorrow not for knowing
the sacred moments held
of growth and delicious comfort
and peaceful souls entwined

Time is not the master
a spec is deeper still
than years of painful longing
to experience the thrill

Hope is deep within me
for healing and for peace
for reaching love of self
and accepting someone else

Fear not brave soul
you’re perfect as you are
love will find a path
and play a song for you

The gift of you was plentiful
nothing can replace
thank you for the moments
shadows cannot erase


About writesome

I've been wanting to do this for a while. Now I can type instead of pen scratch in a journal. It's an experiment, but isn't life. I wish you joy and happiness. May life bless you and may you bless life. View all posts by writesome

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