Daily Archives: March 19, 2008

Bones on a string

For the past few days KD has been talking about this new trick he wants to teach Mandy, but we never seem to get around to it.

This morning, I woke up late and began the usual morning rush. I told the boys to get themselves dressed and then go pick out some cereal while I had a quick shower, which was rudely interrupted by screams from JB that KD was hurting him. I yelled, but only to get their attention over the water. After my shower, I quickly dressed JB who didn’t quite understand the instruction and then headed down to oversee the milk pouring.

In the meantime, KD was gearing up the trick. He greeted me downstairs with a piece of string, tape, a milkbone, the kitchen stool and big eager smile. “Tape this to the ceiling and we’ll get Mandy to jump for it,” he said. “Where did you learn this?” I asked. “I just made it up,” he grinned.

So, here I am, running late, kids are dressed but not fed and I’m standing on a stool, naked, taping a piece of string to the ceiling and tying a milkbone to the end. I smiled watching KD take his role as spotter so seriously while I teetered on the stool.

Mandy couldn’t reach the bone. She tried but the string was too short. I held the bone up over my head, close to the end of the string and she managed to snag it. KD was ecstatic. The glee in his eyes was worth it.  All that’s left now is a rogue piece of tape on my living-room ceiling and warm memories of being a Mommy in the moment.


Not my Mommy

The other day I dropped JB off at the sitter’s. Another little boy there asked me for a kiss.

JB ran interference, “Yuck. Don’t kiss him Mom.”

“Oh, I’ll just give him a little kiss right here on the cheek.”

With the strangest look on his face, JB said, “I don’t think that’s ok with me.”

Great line buddy, I’ll have to remember that one next time I get a booty call.