Daily Archives: March 11, 2008

Batteries not included

March break and the boys are so excited. Monday was a jammie day. How proud they were to roll out of bed and head to their Dad’s for breakfast. Day 2 and KD changed into new jammies this morning ready for another “special” day.

Ever industrious and helpful, I left them to clean off my car and warm it up. It’s a standard so they couldn’t actually turn it on but had everything else going full throttle. At least until I tried to start the car. Fortunately their Dad is off this week and tripped over in his jammies to give me a boost.

Breakfast Thursday morning will be on me.



I will not fall back
helpless in my heart
I’ll shake the fear of nothing
and wait without a thought

Promises made to self
to leave the pain behind
and enjoy the sudden thrill
of laughter and warm times

No assumptions required
nor created in my heart
face the day with brightness
knowing I’m alright

If time calls sweetly
and the message clear
I’ll sing a new song
through joyous tears