Daily Archives: March 31, 2008

Jimmie and me up in a tree…

After a nice lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen in a dozen years, I headed out of town to visit my cousin, who was having a party. Being Earth Day, we lit up by candlelight at precisely 8:00. I think it was after 9:00 before we realized it was ok to resume normal living. I must admit, I did turn on the bathroom light once.  (It was dark, ok. I was in a foreign house.) Maybe they ought to recognize Earth Day during the day anyway. I’d be happy to cut the power to my house for an hour if I could actually get around sans bruises. 

I did unpower all my small appliances and nightlights before I left. Which turned into a big chore to repower on 2 hours of sleep, an upset stomach and shaky nerves from a windy drive home.

The kids did their best to cooperate with anti-social mom who actually watched tv for the first time in many months.

Jimmie’s still recuperating. We played until 3 am and he had lots of suitors. Was drop-d tuned a couple of times and fit just right under my arm.

Remember the song, Dirty Laundry by Don Henley. That line, “the bubble-headed-bleach-blonde”? I met her. Nice person. “I like country. Do you know any Huey Lewis?” “That’s not country.” I chuckled, but it actually annoyed me.

The best remark was “I’m not liberal, don’t involve me in politics.” At which point the non-political definition of the word was cited to her, very sweetly of course. Oops, do you think she’ll read this? Hey, I said she was a nice person. Perhaps just a bit tipsy and off her game.

The strange thing is guys seem to go for this. Is it that they feel manly and protective or just curious of the fallout.

But, I ought to be sweeter, I suppose. Not everyone can be on their game all the time. I even slip in the odd typo here and there and I’ve said some really STUPID things when I’ve been drinking (and come to think of it, when I’m stone cold sober).  Somehow though, I think this was life for her. I just got that feeling.

By the way, I’m rethinking the whole dating thing. I want to stay single at least for the summer. I really don’t feel the need to connect. Too bad because I just bought some prophylactics…the special kind…and I’d like to try one out. I figure a sweet dozen will last me well into 2012. I should check the expiry date, perhaps I’ll need to be less conservative.