Daily Archives: March 16, 2008

Just when…

You think you’ve got it all covered, the blanket gets yanked away. I was doing so great. Completely involved in myself and my life and having fun discovering so much. I just read my posts from the summer and smash…I crash head-on into myself. How could I have tripped backward? What was I thinking? I won’t close up all the chapters I’ve written this past year and return to my old, tortured self. I’m not quite done with me, but I love where I’m headed. Leave me alone, go away, take a hike. Find your own way home, this cab is taken. I’ll send it back for you. Catch me if you can.

That’s me…angry at me.



A familiar emptiness
washes over me

Pain smiles at me
and laughs at my tears

Stillness brings no comfort
I shiver

Some things you dream about
are not meant to be

Why settle for a dream?
Embrace reality


Life is beautiful
beyond the pain
beyond the sorrow
beyond the rain

Take my hand
I’ll lead the way
to reveal a glimpse
of the morrow’s day

Lost is a place
full of transient fear
move a little closer
the truth in your ear

It’s up to you
to make it so
your soul is screaming
to let it go

But fear pulls you back
and covers your eyes
the beauty is hidden
the pain only lies