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Back to school

While back-to-school shopping with the kids last week, I saw a tall, attractive man browsing through the bins of kids’ clothes. We smiled at each other a couple of times and he was having a chuckle at my boys running around wanting EVERYTHING. I was intrigued. When we both reached the same bin, I decided it was time to strike up a conversation, you know, see if there was a spark. My boys had just ran to the toy aisle and the timing was perfect. So I say to him with a shy grin, “You’re very smart to come on your own without your kids, it’s much easier that way.”

What did he hear? 

“Manager to lane three for customer assistance. Manager to lane three for customer assistance.”

I think he took pity on my bad luck and very politely asked, “What did you say?”

I repeated my opener. He laughed, agreed with me and said he was on his lunch hour or something. We wished each other well and off I ran to find my kids.

I’m pretty sure he was behind us on the way home. Which meant he probably witnessed our typical parking lot exchange of:  “I said, GET out of the CART and GET in the CAR.”

Anyway, if you’re out there reading this, tall attractive guy, I thought you were nice. Drop me a comment.