Telling the truth to myself
seeing the sun shine again
feeling a sense of meaning
within the communion

Washing the soul with light
feeding the powerful beast
finding comfort in hope
and dreams of his hand in mine

Looking forward, never back
except to examine the path
absorbing myself in the future
releasing the pain of the past

Surely life is my creation
my thoughts build a castle of stone
safe inside I slumber
not feeling the sting of the cold

Rain may come and flood me
but sun will surely shine
leaving me only refreshed
a speck in the absense of time

Imagined or real
it’s the same to the soul
purpose carried by dreams
to free the ego of shame


About writesome

I've been wanting to do this for a while. Now I can type instead of pen scratch in a journal. It's an experiment, but isn't life. I wish you joy and happiness. May life bless you and may you bless life. View all posts by writesome

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