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Quiet as a lonely house
sitting in the dark
feeling lost and empty
looking for a spark

Something makes me happy
a smile lights up my face
seeing light inside myself
a deep and loving place

Selling fortune damming pain
seeing life as tall
walking in the sun of hope
joy and laughter call


Sitting here
Thinking about nothing
Wondering if it’s true
Lost without you.

Jumping to the beat
Falling for the line
Someone cries tonight
Trying to get it right.

The future holds no promise
And life is where you are
Hang hope on your pain
Run from the rain.

Step back in time
To fix the broken pieces
Look for an edge to hold
And shelter from the cold.

Love falls all around you
Catch it when you can
Somebody will love you
For the little things you do.


I wonder what he’s up to

How he smells and tastes

What’s behind those eyes

Where his heart is

Where his thoughts are

What made him happy today

If I’ll ever touch him

His face, his body

His heart, his soul

I sense him

But I can’t see him

Until I close my eyes


I found this while I was exporting my blog. I don’t know why I didn’t finish it. The kids must have been calling: 

I haven’t had a moment
to dwell upon the past
don’t feel the tug of loss 
when putting myself last.

I’m focused on the fun
and winding up the clock
feeding laughs and giggles
with hugs and stinky socks.

Two days of just a mommy
two days of total bliss
I’ll be me first another day
to wait for their next kiss.

Proxy servers

Thoughts move through
to accomplish their mission

Doubt fills the spaces
and kinks communication

Layers of fibre
spread the thoughts flat

Voices are heard
and understood

I warned you this was just going to get weird.


Setting sights on destiny
leaving the past behind
finding solace in the mysterious
passionate embrace

Seeking upward forces
magic creates song
rumbling ’round the playground
finding rythmnic meter

Falling for the power
inspired by the voice
listening without talking
hearing more than words


Sinking into sunshine
Sinking into warmth
Watching children play
Listening to their voice

Filling time with joy
Filling time with fun
Seeing all there is to life
Not wondering when

Sitting in the moment
Sitting in the breath
Jumping for the laughter
Landing in the truth

Not waiting any more

Down for the count
leaning on a tree
tearing off the speckled bark
oblivious, the tree is me

Searching for the number
shaking at the call
pounding hearts in rhythm
hearts set to fall

Peeking out the window
wondering if it’s true
watching for some movement
hoping that it’s you

Is this a song?

When I think of you
it always starts out warm
then fear swirls all around me
and love can’t fight the storm

When I think of you
your tender warm embrace
I’m lost in this fantasy
that love will find its place

But the nights are long
and the day brings light
and the hope inside
makes it all seem right

When I think of you
your eyes are someplace near
I see your soul escaping
with love so true and clear

When I reach for you
you’re a million miles away
I’m using all my wishes
just to hear you say

You care about me.

But I won’t fall
won’t crawl back to the start
I’m safe and I’m a mountain
even when we are apart.

Tell Somebody

Heading into tomorrow
chasing the past away
bringing soft and comfort
and dreams from yesterday

Sharing time and fun
yet knowing the edge is near
feeling for the rail
to keep the moment here

Wishing for a point
to look out, over and through
finding some relief
with gentle thoughts of you