Daily Archives: March 5, 2007


Today in church we were invited to open the bible each day for a week, point to a verse and keep a journal of what we found as well as the message that broke through for us.

Here’s my first pick. See them all in Faith.
(I’m using Today’s English Version of the New Testament that I received on my first communion in 1976.)

Acts 4:13-26
This is when the members of the council told Peter and John that they had better not speak or teach of the miracles that were performed by Jesus. Peter and John boldly said they would not be able to stop. They were warned even more sternly but let go because the elders could find no reason to keep them. The proof, the man Jesus healed, was with them. So they returned to their group and prayed and continued their work.

So what does this say to me?
Our faith may not be popular, nor may it make us rich or well educated, but believing in the miracle of God’s love will fill you with a rich and articulate peace that cannot be obtained through any other means. We will constantly be challenged throughout our lives by people who decide their authority is stronger than our beliefs and our witness. Be bold and find strength with those that share your faith. 

That was fun!