Daily Archives: March 6, 2007

Endings in ink

Forever is a space of time
that’s fluid and not clear
its edges can be changed
by those who wander there.

We set a path in life
and hope it will be straight
but it’s not always practical
to make our true hearts wait.

So love may be forever
and we carry in our hearts
a version of forever
that’s ours to rip apart.


Readings – #2

Here’s my second pick for the week.  See them all in Faith.

1 Corinthians 14:1-4
This is where Paul tells us that we should strive to communicate love—not through material things, but through spirtual gifts, especially the gift of speaking God’s message. No one understands someone who doesn’t speak God’s message. They make strange sounds in the name of God and help only themselves. But those that speak God’s message bring help, encouragement and comfort to the whole church.

What does this say to me today?
If you concentrate on material things, you will be left alone with your stuff. Love is not about how many toys you have. Love is about spreading the message that we are loving and lovable. Use your God-given talents to spread a message of love and you, and those around you, will be richer.

Boy, I needed that today!