Good girl

This morning we shovelled and Mandy barked. So I brought her outside with us and got her to sit and stay on the step. She was exceptional. She broke her stay when I retrieved  the garbage bins, but she quickly returned when I pointed to her. I was seriously impressed. She usually takes the opportunity to scavenge at the neighbors, which has had unpleasant results.

Of course, when I left she barked. I’m not sure how she did all day, but there’s no “For Sale” signs on my neighbors’ lawns, so I’m guessing they are not completely annoyed yet. Actually, I’m pretty sure she spent the day in my bed…which is what I would have done given the choice. No messes when I arrived home. But she’s hard to calm down after being alone all day. She’s so glad to see her Mommy.

Our walk was a little pully, but pleasant. She reminds me that to a dog a walk isn’t just exercise, it’s exploring time and sniffing is a necessity. I give her grace and she appreciates it. This activity doesn’t do much for my cardiovascular necessities but it’s all about Mandy these days.

I think I’m going to try the fetch game outside. Before Doglogic Mandy would fetch and run away. Extracting the ball from her mouth was an act of wit and bravery. I now know what she’s thinking so I can anticipate and correct her. I’m going to practice with her right now. NB:  we’ll practice a bit more in the house.

Day 2 retraining – Carpets ok. Barking minimized when home. No new stains.   


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