I’m uncomfortable that my personal information, name, address and telephone number is viewable when you do a “whois” search on my domain name.

I contacted my web service provider and inquired how I could fix it. Turns out for $20 they would hide my info, but their online form wasn’t working so I had to confirm through email that I wanted the service charged to my account. I then received an email saying the service was not available for .ca accounts but the CIRA is hiding all personal information as of April 2007 to comply with the Privacy Act. This is automatic and free of charge. Thanks CIRA for saving me $20. My personal information has been available since I purchased my domain in 2004. What took so long?


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I've been wanting to do this for a while. Now I can type instead of pen scratch in a journal. It's an experiment, but isn't life. I wish you joy and happiness. May life bless you and may you bless life. View all posts by writesome

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