Tell me why you cry

Tonight I did something I haven’t done since I was twelve and something I haven’t ever done. I saw April Wine in concert at the Marquee Club in Halifax.

First, let me say it was the middle of a blinding snow storm with a $35 cover. The Marquee was comfortably packed, which means you could get to the bathroom without a lineup and without spilling your beer. There were also no lineups at the bar, and everyone was friendly, which made my experience of the Marquee a good one.

April Wine was as I remember them (minus Gary Moffatt). My autographs and memories of innocent kisses are circa 1978. From the sound check to the encore kindred spirits reflected a similar response to nearly 4 decades worth of measures and metre. I realize I’m dating myself here, but that’s ok, I like my own company.

I’m mindful of the impact music has on our lives. I wonder how many people lost their virginity to “tonight is a wonderful time” and how many broke up over “you won’t dance with me”.  This realization helps me appreciate the artist’s ego. Musicians create memories that transend our experiences.  While we are busy creating our present reality, lyrics and music snap us back to a place and time where our current reality had no breath. Music links the past to the present and we can measure how much we’ve grown by our response.

If what made you sob in your pillow at 15, brings a smile to your face now, then you’ve shifted. The same tears that hardened you then, soften you now.

I enjoyed every second of the show and although the band looked refreshingly different, they sounded the same, especially Gerry Mercer’s drum solo! I was impressed and rocked out. Still great stuff…thank you April Wine.

One funny thing…the camera phone seems to have replaced the lighter.

And, just for Heathertoo…Matt Mays was in the house.

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