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Random thoughts

So I’ve been thinking…

  • If you kick a dead horse long enough, you’ll get glued.
  • The future is what you dream it to be. Turn around and walk toward it…fearless.
  • Sundays are long when I don’t have my kids. I miss them the most on Sundays.
  • Hockey arenas are cold on the outside but warm on the inside.


I found this while I was exporting my blog. I don’t know why I didn’t finish it. The kids must have been calling: 

I haven’t had a moment
to dwell upon the past
don’t feel the tug of loss 
when putting myself last.

I’m focused on the fun
and winding up the clock
feeding laughs and giggles
with hugs and stinky socks.

Two days of just a mommy
two days of total bliss
I’ll be me first another day
to wait for their next kiss.

Technical Glitches…excused

WordPress experienced a technical glitch and my blog was suspended last night. My mind immediately raced to the conclusion that I had done something wrong. Perhaps the experiment somehow violated the terms. I wasn’t doing anything misleading, I was simply testing the power of the keyword and demonstrating how important it is to great web content, which I am very passionate about.

Anyway, it’s back. I’m back. I took Mandy for a walk today after 6:30 am hockey practice and kept thinking about everything I would have lost. All the chronicles about the kids and our time together and the cute things they do that I don’t ever want to forget. I think I’ll periodically dump-out my blog to make sure I don’t lose anything.

Thank you WordPress for the blog and for fixing things up so quickly. I appreciate the immediate response to my inquiry.

Proxy servers

Thoughts move through
to accomplish their mission

Doubt fills the spaces
and kinks communication

Layers of fibre
spread the thoughts flat

Voices are heard
and understood

I warned you this was just going to get weird.

Music Lyrics

I love that it’s so easy to find music lyrics and guitar chords and tabs on the internet. All you have to do really is google a couple of words from a song and voila…the lyrics are standing there before you. Don’t always trust their accuracy though, the liner’s where it’s at, but then you’d have to actually buy the CD and isn’t it disappointing when the lyrics aren’t there? I mean what’s the point of printing all that stuff with just some thank yous and blah…blah…blahs that no one really cares about until they are playing trivial pursuit or something.

My experiment worked by the way. My last post brought some traffic. It was number 4 on the aol search list for the keyword in question. So I’m a happy internet marketer. I haven’t received my latest keyword tracker so not sure I googled myself enough, but thanks to everyone who did.

I’m having so much fun lately, I don’t have time to write. Life has taken an interesting turn for me and I’m holding on for the ride. I think it will be good.

Oh, and I’m not really shocked when I find p*rn on the internet. My only concern is that my kids will find it. Not that I think sex is bad or dirty. I just don’t want to have to explain what’s happening. That would be uncomfortable for me, not to mention I’d probably overexplain it, which would be uncomfortable for them. 

So far my kids can’t really spell all that well and I don’t think they’ve found the address line or the Google search box, so I’m ok for now, but just to be safe, I’m thinking I better turn on the parental control for their computer. And, I’m also thinking, that second computer will come in handy.

(p*rn=creep deflector. Don’t underestimate the power of search.)

I was going to end here, but…

Ok, I don’t follow movie stars. Not really interested so much in what they are up to, but just now I saw a link that read, “Can’t Jen and Orlando go to a wedding together without it being a big thing?”…and, I actually clicked through, so I guess the answer is a resounding “No”. 

Which says a lot about the power of content, especially the clickable kind. 

I’m just a little disturbed

My experiment took a slip to the dark side as I cruised the keyword list looking for something that wouldn’t bring up a porn site. Keyword Tracker removes any blatant words and they do a great job, but oh how humans can masquerade their fettishes behind the meaning of names. 


And then there it was, the innocent word that brings a softness to every child’s slumber:  Webkins. My children only have a couple. Mandy adopted my nephew’s and is bringing it up in our backyard. Moving it around like a new mother protecting it from danger and escape. It’s full of dirt and grass and likely the processed food she so industriously cranks out back there.

Actually, when the kids got their webkins their computer was conveniently broken so we haven’t entered the online extravaganza. Their tags are still around here somewhere. They get dusted and put back in the pile of “I’m not sure what this is for, but it might be important someday.”

Something similar is happening on my Facebook profile.

Play hunting games

I got caught today doing something in my car that probably everyone does from time to time, or even on a daily basis. I was a sitting duck, stuck in traffic, warm October morning with the window down and Gretchen Wilson pounding out of my VW stereo system (gotta love that German attention to acoustic detail). Anyway, the song was “There Goes the Neighbourhood” and I was belting out the lyrics, total oblivious to the fact that a hunter sat poised nearby to catch me in the act. Another VW driver (with TDI) was bopping along with me and he told me to “keep singing, it sounds great.”

I wasn’t exactly embarassed. It kind of made my day. I’m sure he found it amusing. I read recently that if someone gives you a sincere compliment, they are actually feeling it 4 times as deeply as they are expressing it. I wonder if the music is available. Maybe me and Jimmie can saddle up for a tour. Y’all come back now, ya hear.

48 hours

According to my latest Word Tracker report, to make it to the list of top keyword searches (the short, 48 hour list). You only need to be searched about 300 times. So, I’m setting a target to google myself regularly for the next couple of days, just to see if I make the list. I’ll use the term, “Heather Hindle blog”, which shows up on my list of search terms quite often. Feel free to donate to this.

Oddly, and it’s not news, but the terms yahoo and google are consistently among the top searched keywords. Myspace is number one and youtube and facebook are up there too. You’d think people would be able to just add the .com in the Address line, but then we wouldn’t have all these cool stats, they’d be hidden away inside the companies’ files, hiding as unique and returned visits that we are not privy to.

Really says something about how people use the web though. Imagine a world with no search…scary isn’t it.

I’m going to google myself now…

It’s just going to get weird…

Like Manslations, I too check my stats, but only 499 times a day. It is indeed fascinating to see what search terms people use to find your site. Lately it’s been “naughty china” and I did coin that term in an earlier post. I hope visitors aren’t too disappointed with the lack of visual stimuli when they clickthrough. Oh, and shame on you…

My keyword tracker email arrived today, so I’m going to pick some obscure terms to post about to see if my stats increase. I know Juggling Cats got the little blue ball bouncing upward all day yesterday. **smiling**

Yes, my inner web marketer is coming out to play.

Something is definitely wrong

Lately, when I create a post and mark it private, then hit the publish button, it goes up, published, live, and appears in my Facebook feed.   Wait…I am an idiot. I should hit the save button, not the publish button.

You should see the stuff I’ve got in here that you can’t see…