Daily Archives: October 23, 2007

Not so strange results

Well, thanks to Brahnamin over at Juggling Cats, I am experiencing hits for the term “lisinopril and snake venom”. I’m not even sure what this is. Also privacy on Facebook seems like a hot topic right now…could people finally be getting it? I’m still a FBer though, just found a neighbourhood friend I first met in the 70s. That’s going back a bit, he’s still as handsome as ever and glad to see he’s doing well on the other side of the country.

Oh, and after months of nudging and luring emails, I finally created a profile on an online dating site. It’s just for kicks really, but I had my first IM contact. We’ll call him The Grunter. Didn’t say much, but did ask for more photos. In his defence, he had two photos of himself, well one was of his truck. I was conveniently interrupted.

So, I’m no longer an online chat virgin, but like other things in life, the first time is usually just a practice shot. At least I know what buttons to push now.