Daily Archives: October 1, 2007


Yesterday I slow-cooked chicken with potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes and basil. I used boneless chicken so I wouldn’t have to worry about my kids choking on those nasty little bones. So tell me, when you find bones and skin in your boneless, skinless chicken, should you take it back?

I’ve been soiled, a little less pure.


I thought I was done

But, I actually have more to say, to think and feel. Here’s a little something about nothing.

Money doesn’t rule the world, but we all want it and no one ever gives it back, and if they did, they regret it.

Love is like a candle. You have to strike a match to appreciate its beauty.

Sex isn’t something naughty, it’s a form of communication. Like, “I like you, get closer”.

Your career isn’t the most important thing, but it creates a base for happiness. Unless, of course, it doesn’t make you happy, in which case you need to do more of what does.

Women like bad boys because they are safe. They are so busy trying to fix the guy they don’t have time to focus on themselves.

Bad boys like women who make them unhappy, because they like to have a reason to cheat, drink and lie.

Everyone complains they don’t have enough, but they probably do, they just can’t find it among all their stuff.

Everyone loves drama and conflict. Without it there’s no art.

Religion isn’t about rules, it’s about acceptance.

War doesn’t stop anything but life.

Peace begins inside. We are beacons.

Kids need structure, freedom and security. Without it they grow up afraid.

Your life doesn’t end until there’s no one left to remember you.

Sometimes we make mistakes, loving kindness is our eraser.

Growing old is a blessing. May you all be blessed.

If we truly appreciated how precious our time is, we’d be nicer to each other.

Our minds are powerful. We create what we think. So, believe anything you want as long as it’s positive. All great people have been labelled insane at least once. For instance, right now I’m thinking I have no forty-something acne and I didn’t just drop $150 at Winners. Why do Tommy jeans look so dam good? So no one will notice the acne. That’s the power of positive spending.