Daily Archives: October 5, 2007

I’m just a little disturbed

My experiment took a slip to the dark side as I cruised the keyword list looking for something that wouldn’t bring up a porn site. Keyword Tracker removes any blatant words and they do a great job, but oh how humans can masquerade their fettishes behind the meaning of names. 


And then there it was, the innocent word that brings a softness to every child’s slumber:  Webkins. My children only have a couple. Mandy adopted my nephew’s and is bringing it up in our backyard. Moving it around like a new mother protecting it from danger and escape. It’s full of dirt and grass and likely the processed food she so industriously cranks out back there.

Actually, when the kids got their webkins their computer was conveniently broken so we haven’t entered the online extravaganza. Their tags are still around here somewhere. They get dusted and put back in the pile of “I’m not sure what this is for, but it might be important someday.”

Something similar is happening on my Facebook profile.