Music Lyrics

I love that it’s so easy to find music lyrics and guitar chords and tabs on the internet. All you have to do really is google a couple of words from a song and voila…the lyrics are standing there before you. Don’t always trust their accuracy though, the liner’s where it’s at, but then you’d have to actually buy the CD and isn’t it disappointing when the lyrics aren’t there? I mean what’s the point of printing all that stuff with just some thank yous and blah…blah…blahs that no one really cares about until they are playing trivial pursuit or something.

My experiment worked by the way. My last post brought some traffic. It was number 4 on the aol search list for the keyword in question. So I’m a happy internet marketer. I haven’t received my latest keyword tracker so not sure I googled myself enough, but thanks to everyone who did.

I’m having so much fun lately, I don’t have time to write. Life has taken an interesting turn for me and I’m holding on for the ride. I think it will be good.

Oh, and I’m not really shocked when I find p*rn on the internet. My only concern is that my kids will find it. Not that I think sex is bad or dirty. I just don’t want to have to explain what’s happening. That would be uncomfortable for me, not to mention I’d probably overexplain it, which would be uncomfortable for them. 

So far my kids can’t really spell all that well and I don’t think they’ve found the address line or the Google search box, so I’m ok for now, but just to be safe, I’m thinking I better turn on the parental control for their computer. And, I’m also thinking, that second computer will come in handy.

(p*rn=creep deflector. Don’t underestimate the power of search.)

I was going to end here, but…

Ok, I don’t follow movie stars. Not really interested so much in what they are up to, but just now I saw a link that read, “Can’t Jen and Orlando go to a wedding together without it being a big thing?”…and, I actually clicked through, so I guess the answer is a resounding “No”. 

Which says a lot about the power of content, especially the clickable kind. 


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