Play hunting games

I got caught today doing something in my car that probably everyone does from time to time, or even on a daily basis. I was a sitting duck, stuck in traffic, warm October morning with the window down and Gretchen Wilson pounding out of my VW stereo system (gotta love that German attention to acoustic detail). Anyway, the song was “There Goes the Neighbourhood” and I was belting out the lyrics, total oblivious to the fact that a hunter sat poised nearby to catch me in the act. Another VW driver (with TDI) was bopping along with me and he told me to “keep singing, it sounds great.”

I wasn’t exactly embarassed. It kind of made my day. I’m sure he found it amusing. I read recently that if someone gives you a sincere compliment, they are actually feeling it 4 times as deeply as they are expressing it. I wonder if the music is available. Maybe me and Jimmie can saddle up for a tour. Y’all come back now, ya hear.


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One response to “Play hunting games

  • brahnamin

    rule of thumb for dealing with customer complaints in retail :: if one customer is willing to say it, ten more are thinking it.

    s’pose that’d play for compliments too.

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