48 hours

According to my latest Word Tracker report, to make it to the list of top keyword searches (the short, 48 hour list). You only need to be searched about 300 times. So, I’m setting a target to google myself regularly for the next couple of days, just to see if I make the list. I’ll use the term, “Heather Hindle blog”, which shows up on my list of search terms quite often. Feel free to donate to this.

Oddly, and it’s not news, but the terms yahoo and google are consistently among the top searched keywords. Myspace is number one and youtube and facebook are up there too. You’d think people would be able to just add the .com in the Address line, but then we wouldn’t have all these cool stats, they’d be hidden away inside the companies’ files, hiding as unique and returned visits that we are not privy to.

Really says something about how people use the web though. Imagine a world with no search…scary isn’t it.

I’m going to google myself now…


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