Adam came with me today. The countdown was on. Fifteen minutes to Buckley’s. He was ready. I was set. Off we went. My intention was to just touch and feel, not actually buy. But I knew I would. I knew once I felt it and heard it, I would buy it. Got a case and a stand, some extra strings and some pics. It sounds nice, or it did when it was in tune. There’s a cool spot on the internet that helps you tune it. I got it right once. Now I’m just tone deaf from listening to an out-of-tune guitar.

My first song to learn was going to be patience by GNR. I think I need to just get some patience. My fingers hurt. The left hand is numb at the tips. Maybe I’ll get the action turned down a bit. And, it came with this humidifier. I’ll let you know when I figure that one out. Doesn’t seem to fit anywhere. “There’s instructions in the bag,” James said.  There were, but they were for how to fill it with water, not how to get the damm thing in the guitar.

I’ll figure it out. I already love it. I can put a few chords together and it sounds ok. Try by Blue Rodeo sounded something like it. I’m impressed. I’ll keep going. Keep strumming. Raging on my strings till I get it. There’s no one here to laugh at me so I’m all set. Who would laugh at someone who wanted to do something cool like playing the guitar anyway? That’s just odd and childish, I think. Well actually, I think it’s fear. But, I guess there are people like that. I’m sure my family will have lots of hysterical laughs at me, when I f*uck up. But you don’t pick your family. Well, you do actually, but you do it before you are born, so it doesn’t count. You can’t be held accountable for how they turned out…haha! Gotcha!


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