Daily Archives: August 17, 2007

Not waiting any more

Down for the count
leaning on a tree
tearing off the speckled bark
oblivious, the tree is me

Searching for the number
shaking at the call
pounding hearts in rhythm
hearts set to fall

Peeking out the window
wondering if it’s true
watching for some movement
hoping that it’s you


Horsing around

“Actually I was just thinking,” she said.

“That can’t be good,” he teased back.

“Oh, it’s very good, just you wait,” she cooed.

His smile was starlight. “I can’t wait.”

Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be a drone

Work was actually exciting this week. A nice change from the dreary unmotivated cage. I was pulled into a project that didn’t really have a vision, just deliverables. I quickly scoured the big picture and wrapped some structure around a massive tree with branches reaching to the sky. I pulled it off in the nick of time. It was exciting and rewarding. Fun, really. I love a project, especially ones that need vision. That’s where I shine.

Now I’m well behind schedule on my to-do list. But the next few days will find me writing and thinking and planning and that’s ok, I like that. I’m busy and it feels good. I’m a bee. Not a drone of course, a worker or perhaps the queen. I wonder what the winter will bring when the drones leave the hive, spent and useless. Space, I hope. Space to create from scratch, to build something new and exciting that gives birth to new honey that’s all mine.