Daily Archives: August 28, 2007


Seeing is believing or so they say. I’m stuck between what I hope and what I see and what I’ve been led to believe. My ability to decipher my feelings leads me to uncertainty. Uncertainty about the past, the present and the future. What’s left is only this moment, where I’m comfortable and everything is working just fine. What more could I ask for?

Tonight the full moon came up over the water and we sat around the campfire. The six of us, telling stories, catching up, being friends. Earlier we toured the bay waters and saw dolphins playing in their fields. A family of four doing tricks for us as we chased them around. Mandy was onboard. She loved it. I’m so glad she’s the kind of dog I can take places. She is one of my best friends. In fact, her love is unconditional. The deepest unconditional love. When I cry, she licks my tears away. When I laugh, she smiles. When I yell, she gets out of my way, then comes back to let me know she’s there for me.

Peaceful moments with friends. True friends who give you angels to remember that they think of you. Kathy is volunteering and loving semi-retirement. Miriam has a neighbour with a sick cat. Mallory is working hard and being a Mommy. Debbie is the ultimate soccer Mom. Wanda lives contently in the most beautiful spot and looking forward to Louden in September.  We are all ok. All good. Next month we do it again. I can’t wait for that.


Mistaken Identity

Momma, I love you. I love you and Mandy and Daddy, but not Korey. I don’t like him and I don’t love him.

Oh, I’m sure you love your brother.

No, I don’t. And, I love Kristen too, cause she’s in my family when I’m at Daddy’s.


I’m glad you love Kristin.


Because she loves you.

Mommy, sometimes I think Kristen is my Mommy.


Do you call her Mommy?


Then what do you say?


You know who your Mommy is, right?

(snuggle, hug, squishy nose)

Yesh, you’re my Mommy.

Good night sweetheart.

Cuddle me Momma.