Daily Archives: August 27, 2007

Affording spare time

Life is so busy, everyone is busy, and tired. The kids aren’t bad, they are just tired. I’m not insane, I’m just busy. I relaxed this weekend at the countryhouse. All by myself on Friday night, except for Mandy who kept me good company and layed at my feet while I played my guitar. I think she’s my first fan. I bought the Hal Leonard book for my lessons with Roger Stone. We start on September 10. Roger said, “get it and read it so you know what things are. I don’t want to be calling things a thingy.” I think I will like Roger.

I actually went through a few of the early lessons and was reading music right away. How cool is that. My fingers are caloused. I’m almost there.

And, Mandy is fat. My sister pointed it out on Saturday. It’s the peanut butter in the kong trick every morning. I am making my dog fat. She’s even taken up snoring. Sounds like a small bear in the room. Tomorrow there will be banana in the kong with a smidgeon of peanut butter. Can’t go cold turkey, which is what I’ll need to do this week, perhaps.

 I woke this morning to the sounds of church chimes. Amazing grace or something similar. After coffee I rushed back to pick up the kids from their two night camping trip. I don’t understand why I just get the passing “hi Mom” with no wraparound hugs after two nights away. Their Dad gets them everytime. I do get them, however, when I pick them up at the sitter, so I’m still getting some. I think they just expect I’ll be back. I guess that’s what being a Mom is all about. Reliable, comforting, expected.

We went to the ACed Discovery Centre. The best idea on a hot day. I learned to mirror write, boy is that f*cked up.

 My sister and Mother are down the country for the week. My Mother is in one of her distracted, one-track-mind bubbles. Asking us questions, not listening to the answer and then asking again 10 minutes later. I don’t envy my sister. She’s going to need lots of Baileys to make it through I think. I don’t think there is anything wrong with my Mother, she’s just got a lot on her mind and she lives in a world where the sky is sometimes a slightly different colour. But, she’s a happy soul and she smiles a lot and she’s kind-hearted and I love her. Stay solid sister!

Pushing something too hard creates tension and resistance. Letting the flow of life fill you creates moments that wrap you in beautiful memories that are all yours and cannot be stripped away.

It was a good weekend, with beautiful memories.