Daily Archives: August 15, 2007

Searching in the darkness

I finally fixed the boys’ computer. Won’t they be excited. I’m tempted to save it for a special day. I remember the battles over “switch loads” and  Justin is on my name.

But I don’t have that game on my name.

I don’t care, switch load now! <smack> <cry> <smack back> <punch> <cries>

I remember too well.

They cried tonight when I left their Dad’s. They wanted me to stay for a sleepover. They don’t understand. Justin, she’s just going to get her jammies, let her go.

<heart breaking>

I bet they are asleep by now. All clean after their showers, snuggled in their beds dreaming of computer games and internet connections that work again.

I so love making their dreams come true. 


Is this a song?

When I think of you
it always starts out warm
then fear swirls all around me
and love can’t fight the storm

When I think of you
your tender warm embrace
I’m lost in this fantasy
that love will find its place

But the nights are long
and the day brings light
and the hope inside
makes it all seem right

When I think of you
your eyes are someplace near
I see your soul escaping
with love so true and clear

When I reach for you
you’re a million miles away
I’m using all my wishes
just to hear you say

You care about me.

But I won’t fall
won’t crawl back to the start
I’m safe and I’m a mountain
even when we are apart.