Daily Archives: August 13, 2007

Excuse me, I think I’ll start a novel

But where to start. Develop the characters? Find a story line, the perfect ending or beginning? Or just let it happen. I recently attended a 4 day writing and yoga retreat at the Tatamagouche Centre. It was here I learned that my meditative state of writing is what makes stories fall from your fingertips to the page without your head actively involved, just passively pushing the buttons so that every line conjures up the next great darling.

I so enjoy writing and just letting it flow. For four days I was immersed with like-minded and talented individuals who share a common purpose and passion:  to tell their soul’s story one line at a time. Beautiful metaphors exploding into bursts of heartfelt connections with another soul. Sparks scorching the surface and burning deep within, leaving a mark. Tattoos on the soul. Inking yourself into another. It’s about the connection, after-all. We are all here to make connections. To pour ourselves into another human being. And it’s reciprocal, I love that about life.

Chapter 1…