Last night was magical. The country, oh the country. By the water with people who love me no matter what. No matter how long I make them walk to neutralize the buzz. Singing and laughing and talking and sharing. Just a country celebration. The band’s singer had to leave so Katie and I filled in. Now, I’m hit or miss, but Katie is right on. What a beautiful voice. I’m going to buy a guitar tomorrow. Well, at least look and touch one. Katie says she’s ready for next summer when the hill will be alive with the sound of music. You’re welcome to drop down to listen and sing along. There’s lots of room for a tent and plenty of B&Bs around.

I know there is video out there somewhere (Michael). Let’s keep that to ourselves, OK?

I had my tarot cards read at the flea market. Seems I need to let something go. Something that has haunted me a long time. A secret. It was a difficult reading for the nice lady with the pretty eyes. She saw conflict and ruin, the complete loss of something I care about, which will force a new beginning. She also saw my dreams and some magic to lead me through a difficult time. All this and an eagle outcome, which is comforting. I know exactly what it meant, but it’s a secret, remember?

I’m ready to let go and remove myself from this space between two comforts.


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