Soulful ride

I haven’t worn any jewellery for months, but Justin picked out a pair of earings for me to wear today, so I did. I wore them as I ripped up the carpet on my back deck–I finally got tired of looking at it. Even with the chipped paint, it’s still an improvement. My hands took a beating. I have a blister on my thumb to match the dozens on my feet and the calouses on my left finger tips. Sounds like I’m in hard shape, but it’s barely noticeable, I hope. It felt good to take care of things around the house. This summer has been busy. I started off like fireworks on the July weekend, painting the outside of my fence, my front porch, and keeping the dandelions in check. But the days got away from me. My lawn is full of weeds and the bushes in front are in need of shaping. I trimmed them a bit yesterday, but my sheers are quite dull, so it’s a hack job at best.

Does it really matter? Brian’s Mom is back in ICU. She has a blood clot in her neck and they don’t really know what’s going on with her. She may need surgery again. What can I do but pray and hope for the best? Maybe I should have went to church today so I’d be a little closer to God’s ear, if that’s possible.  It’s depressing really, seeing a family in so much pain and so absorbed in worry about someone they love so much. Really adds perspective to your day.

Friday night on the way to Mom’s house Korey asked me how the bones come out of a body when someone dies. I told him they don’t, the skin melts away over time and leaves the bones behind.

“Do they take the bones out before they bury you?”

“No, they bury you with the bones.”

“Then how do you get to heaven?”

“Well, this is important, so listen up. Your soul is in your body. Your body stays on earth and your soul goes to heaven. Then it may come back in another body someday.”

“What is a soul?”

“Your soul is what makes you you. How you feel about things. How you look at life. What makes you happy. What makes you sad. Everything about you comes from your soul. Why do you ask?”

“Just wondering.”


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