Daily Archives: September 15, 2007

Instructions to the universe

Healthy happy children.

Prosperous meaningful, fulfilling and fun career.

Healthy body, healthy mind, joyful soul.

Deep and lasting friendships.

Carefree living.

A lover I can count on.

Soulful connections.

The right to change my mind.

The opener

They played in each other’s world, searching for warmth. Finally, the mountains gave way and they met in the valley of hope.

“What are you looking for?” he asked.

She paused, looked softly into his eyes, then very quietly responded. “Humans are sexual creatures. I know this and feel impulses too. What I’m looking for is someone who is respectful enough to want more for me.”


I’m sorry…

With the Canadian dollar so high it seems a good time to start purchasing some online e-books. I purchased one but returned it and still got to keep the free CD gift, which I won’t be opening until next month’s Credit Card bill arrives and I’m assured I’m not being charged for it. The second, I haven’t finished yet, but I may return it within the 30 day trial. I’m very confused by all the consultative advice I’m getting online, so I was skeptical to purchase this latest one, but, you know, it’s good. It’s what I need right now. It’s giving me a recipe for speaking from my heart and allowing myself permission to say what I want without fear of rejection or pissing someone off. Something 4 different psychologists have been telling me for years.

I actually blame this inability to converse my truth on the alignment of the stars when I was born. I’m a Scorpio with an ascendant in Libra and a Pisces moon. So, I’m passionate on the inside and think way too much, but my outward demeanor is balancing and compromising, more concerned with everyone else’s happiness. Deepening this colundrum is that my thoughts are gentle and sweet, not wanting to ruffle feathers, let alone stir the ocean to wave.

I’m learning to develop the strength to be vulnerable. Wish me luck!