Daily Archives: September 30, 2007

Dating as a single Mom

There’s just one rule.

Don’t go on a date after you’ve had your children all day.

You’ll already be too tired of saying,

“No. Stop.

I said don’t do that.

Don’t touch that.

You’re going to make a mess.”

Minutes matter

When you’re feeling like no one cares,
you get a message from a friend filled with
fun and empathy, and you smile.

When you’re feeling like you’re not able,
your children hug you and say they love you,
and you smile.

When you’re feeling like the good stuff is taking too long
to come your way, you get a call from an old friend,
and you smile once again.

Life is a mixture of hope, disappointment and intrigue
when we worry, we lose hope.
when we expect, we find disappointment
when we hold each minute as it comes, we experience the intrigue.