Daily Archives: September 6, 2007


Sinking into sunshine
Sinking into warmth
Watching children play
Listening to their voice

Filling time with joy
Filling time with fun
Seeing all there is to life
Not wondering when

Sitting in the moment
Sitting in the breath
Jumping for the laughter
Landing in the truth


The fall air clears my head and my intuition is heightened. I can feel the winds of change and it’s exciting. I love my life. Everything about it really. Even my drama, which I so easily grow tired of. I gave a friend relationship advice today. I hope it was helpful. It came from the heart not the head. I also learned a new friend’s name. It came to me on my way to work. It’s Jimmy. I really like Jimmy. He’s cool and loud and soft and fun to hold and play with. Yes Jimmy, I’ll be home soon.