Seven years ago today I learned I was pregnant with Korey. The news came just after returning from the funeral home to make arrangements for my father’s wake. It was bittersweet. Something to occupy us and bring happy to the sad day. Sad in a way that we lost such a meaningful person in our lives, but glorious in that he was now ready for peace and to move on. I hope he left knowing everything was ok, that we’d take care of Mom and our lives were full. I wonder if he knew I was pregnant.

The day before he died Mom called to get my help. Dad had slipped out of his wheelchair and she couldn’t lift him back up. I rushed over and I remember telling him that I was married and wondered if he remembered that day just one year earlier. I didn’t know by 11:00 that night I’d be back again to say a final goodbye. We thought Mom had just given him too much food. We didn’t realize how very sick he was. He left. But inside of me there was life. Now a happy six year old who thrills at computer games, loves to learn and gives me lots of love.

Five years ago tomorrow, I found out I was pregnant with Justin.

September is such an important month, don’t you think?


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