Missing the cake

Today is my sister’s birthday. She won’t be reading this for a few days because she’s at the country and there’s no internet or wifi at the countryhouse. We tried to pick up a network last weekend, but no luck, struck out, went without.

I’m not able to be there tonight for the dinner and the cake and the party. I wish I could be. Honestly though, truth is, I actually could be, it’s just that I’d have to rush the kids tonight and tomorrow and I don’t want to do that. I won’t be my best and my sister deserves the best. I’ll be going down on Sunday with my other sister and the three of us will be together for the first time this summer. I’m hoping I can convince them to enjoy the country highlife.

My guitar is back. It was in the shop all week having the action lowered and a new “nut” made to spread the strings out. I strummed on it for a couple of minutes when I got home. Right after I type this, I’m filing my nails so I’ll be ready when the kids go to bed. When I play the guitar I don’t think. The things that play on my mind, leave me through the chords and the vibrations. It’s a meditation, one I can get into for hours and I feel clean afterwards, like I’m ready for more of life to enter in.

Tomorrow Lilly gets married to Ryan. Ryan is the one that makes her shiver.


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