Endless Emotion

Emotionally this has been a summer I won’t soon forget. I learned during my vacation that an old friend had passed away within days of our last encounter. Cathy, I saw your mother back in the spring. She looked GREAT. Better than I had ever seen her. It was so great to see her again.

You’ve heard about Mom, right? She passed away April 21.

It wasn’t awkward. I truthfully didn’t know and was saddened and shocked. How could this be?

The day we met was such a guided discovery. Sitting someplace I’ve never been before, I looked up to see a familiar face. We both paused, Lil? Heather? We hugged and hugged and then she sat to catch me up on the news. Listening to her stories stirred such a warmth within my soul. My we had fun. So many good times. So many Lil stories I treasure. She taught me so much, starting with saying yes instead of um-umph. She sat me at the table to peel mushrooms at our first of many dinner parties. I thought it was some kind of test. Who peels mushrooms I thought. Lil did. She did lots of things I hadn’t experienced before and she did them well. Her laughter is an MP3 in my memory. I love to play it when I’m blue.

Come on guy she’d scream at the golfers on TV and I’ll make you a drink and you’ll never drink anything else.I didn’t for nearly five years. She was a great person, full of nuture and caring for her children with a long leash to let them experience their own path. A path she paved with her love and support. I hope I’m that kind of mother to my children. There for them, but also for myself and my own passions.

Deepening the emotion, just after I met Cathy and learned the news about Lil, Brian called to say his mother was taken to the hospital. Korey was aloof, demanding everything was ok. Justin wanted us to close our eyes, hold hands and pray. We did this on the trampoline the first time and then again at bedtime. He repeated the parts of the pray with me and he shivered with fear that his Nanny was sick. 

Tonight, Brian called to say his mother was just taken to the hospital again. He’s on his way in. I’m praying everything is ok. There’s another amazing woman who cherishes her children and holds them up. All seven of them in her tiny arms.

Speaking of Mothers, my Mother and I had a great day today. We took the kids to visit family. I was worried I would be less than patient with her as usual and grow frustrated, which I’m not much good at hiding, but I relaxed. Breathed into it and rolled with the moment. My cousin has a new baby and I held her chubby little self and she snuggled into my breast. I thought I would leak.

We then went to lunch and the boys were extremely well-behaved, aside from Justin smoking french fries. I need to switch to a new brand, clandestine or candy. Their Dad smokes and they don’t mimic him. I guess I should be flattered they watch me so close, but in this case it’s a lung clearer.

Following lunch Mom and the kids sat in the car while I went for blood work. I was rewarded with a procedure so quick, the parking was free. We then visited with my Aunt where the kids met two large standard poodles. Korey made friends and Justin passed his friendship through the screen door. I rewarded them with a trip to their favourite playground while Mom sat in the car relaxing in the shade.

It was a great day with my Mother. I didn’t think that was going to go so well Heather, but it was good. She said. I smiled and breathed.


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