Disappointed Mom

Today my kids decided they wanted Gameboys instead of a Wii for Christmas. I begged them to change their minds. But they also want a guitar and a set of drums, so that’s exciting. I hope they aren’t the worst gifts I ever wanted them to have, like their bunkbeds. Which seem like such a normal, fun thing for two brothers to share, until I have to change the sheets in the middle of the night without waking the dry one.

Today they were discussing girls. KD was looking at JB’s valentines from last year. “This one is from Jessica. Look, she put love and kisses and hugs. Is she still at you at school?” Note to self: don’t be “at” anyone.

“I’m throwing away all these valentines from girls, but not Olivia’s cause she’s my favourite girl,” JB responded. At which point I interjected with, “Don’t set your heart on just one girl cause it will get broken too easy. You’ll meet plenty of favourite girls in your lifetime.” Great. Now I’m raising players.

“Don’t worry Mom, he can’t read and I’m not telling him which ones are from girls,” said KD.


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