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Bhuta Shuddhi

The cleansing of the body to prepare the mind for meditation. Not to be undertaken by novices to yoga or tantra. Why didn’t I find this article earlier? It rose to the surface when I cleansed the top of my dishwasher. We all have a spot where the comings and goings of life collect and take root until we get tired of looking at it and sweep it clean. I think it appropriate this particular article landed on the top of the pile of yoga handouts. Life is no accident. Messages are all around us. We don’t fail to understand, we fail to notice.


How to become a slut…

I laugh every time I see that in my search results.  Thought I’d share.

When I was growing up, a family from Montreal moved next door. I remember it well. All the street kids were playing some silly game and we got up the nerve to ask for the new girl. We assumed she was our age because she looked very young. Turned out she was a few years older and smoked, wore her lighter in a leather lighter pouch around her neck. How cool was that? She also wore Lois jeans, only available in Montreal at the time. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen them on anyone else. I don’t remember her older brother being there right away, but when he arrived, he arrived big and became a great friend too. 

Their house had someone for everyone at ours. Their grandmother and my mother became very close and their Dad secretly idolized my sister after the day she wore her panties over her jeans as a sociology experiment. And, their mom took care of us. In fact, their parents were ideal. Fun, relaxed and absorbed enough in their own lives to let us live ours. Between our two houses, we did a lot of growing up.  You can’t see this but I’m smiling from the memories.

I think it was 1994 when their Dad died suddenly. The family stayed for a few years after that, with the brother building the house his father designed on the lot next door.  Eventually, they all moved away. My girlfriend beat cancer twice and is living strong. I saw her tonight, for the first time in years, at her Mom’s wake.

Remember, your life doesn’t end until there’s no one left to remember you. 

Post #201

I hit the 200 mark and didn’t even realize it. I think this may be a milestone. Just returned from my work Christmas party. What a bunch of fun people I landed with. I hope I can keep up. One night I’ll hang out with them but not tonight, the hockey rink fun begins at 6:30.

I have one question, and I’m sure I’m not the only one pondering this.

What music do they play to warm up the audience at an AC/DC concert? First correct response takes it and I’ll assume you’re correct since I’ve never been to an AC/DC concert.


The other day I woke to hear a story of a family who had nothing. The kids’ letters to Santa were simple. They wanted new toothbrushes for Christmas. They learned in school about the importance of dental care and their greatest wish was to participate in this activity.

And I’m wondering what to get my f*cking dog. (Which today feels like ink remover for my couch and carpet.  Apparently she hasn’t yet mastered the essence of penmanship.)

I remember the story of this family as I shop for the people I love. I feel as if I should make a donation to a charity on their behalf. Now that’s a good idea, don’t you think?

Lesson #15

It seems there are a lot of toilets that require fixing, according to my stats.

When BT and I moved into this house 10 years ago, our neighbours told us there was a switch on the electrical panel that shut off the outside Christmas lights. How convenient!  We wouldn’t have to go outside and unplug them. We never did find that switch and for 10 years shivered through the lighting season.

A couple of weeks ago, when turning off the power to my bathroom (after the lightbulb blew apart) I found the switch for the outside lights. Clearly marked “outside plugs”. How could we have missed it? Boy did I feel enpowered and such a smart single woman, managing to take off a toilet tank and find the mysterious “convenience switch”.

The trouble is, the switches on an electrical panel come in pairs, each controlling something separate, like the deep freeze, for instance.

Strange search…

Ok, yesterday someone found me with the search phrase “how to become a slut”. 

I finished painting the bathroom on the weekend. Here are my learnings:

Always use the economy roller for the first coat and the good roller for the second.

Taping off the room is easy and worth the effort.

Sponge brushes “cut-in” better than edgers.

Two coats are necessary.

Paint is smelly.

Toilet tanks are easy to take off.

One turn too many will crack a toilet tank.

Sunday shopping is a good thing.

New toilets are easy to install.

Sometimes your ex is still your best friend.

Always notice the plumbers who live on your street.

People named Glenn are really nice.

Snowplows bury old toilets discarded at the curb.

Dust covers everything

So I assume since I’m not taking my time painting the bathroom, that something wonderful is on its way and I’m simply making myself available for it.  I am an optimist with a narrow streak of gulable and a mild affinity for skepticism. Keeps me happy, safe and hopeful.

A few tidbits have been rolling around lately. Here they are in no particular order of significance to me or any other person, living or dead:

If you kick that dead horse long enough, eventually you’ll get glued to it. Have I said that before?

Someone should stand up and tell all the bad people they are being bad, maybe they just don’t know.

Santa’s naughty list DOES NOT exist but a jigger-jagger bogger boger does. I bought two yesterday at the Freak Lunch Box and I’m going back for the big round lollipops.

Yesterday I liked one less person than I like today.

Everyone is lovable as long as they brush their teeth.

Someone once told me they liked being with me. Guess what? I do too, but I’m still here.

Once you name your guitar, you can leave it in your car for two days without it turning on you.

How long do dogs live? Mandy will be 10 next year. She still seems like a puppy to me. Should I be cherishing her even more?

Neither of my kids are feeling well today and I think KD is angry with me for not having the right cough medicine.

Homeopathic and herbal remedies are better for you than Red#6.

Drugstore dust masks are useless.