Lesson #15

It seems there are a lot of toilets that require fixing, according to my stats.

When BT and I moved into this house 10 years ago, our neighbours told us there was a switch on the electrical panel that shut off the outside Christmas lights. How convenient!  We wouldn’t have to go outside and unplug them. We never did find that switch and for 10 years shivered through the lighting season.

A couple of weeks ago, when turning off the power to my bathroom (after the lightbulb blew apart) I found the switch for the outside lights. Clearly marked “outside plugs”. How could we have missed it? Boy did I feel enpowered and such a smart single woman, managing to take off a toilet tank and find the mysterious “convenience switch”.

The trouble is, the switches on an electrical panel come in pairs, each controlling something separate, like the deep freeze, for instance.


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One response to “Lesson #15

  • Susan

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who learns through her mistakes. Actually, though, I’m enjoying learning a lot about home repair through you … at least at the moment 🙂

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