Dust covers everything

So I assume since I’m not taking my time painting the bathroom, that something wonderful is on its way and I’m simply making myself available for it.  I am an optimist with a narrow streak of gulable and a mild affinity for skepticism. Keeps me happy, safe and hopeful.

A few tidbits have been rolling around lately. Here they are in no particular order of significance to me or any other person, living or dead:

If you kick that dead horse long enough, eventually you’ll get glued to it. Have I said that before?

Someone should stand up and tell all the bad people they are being bad, maybe they just don’t know.

Santa’s naughty list DOES NOT exist but a jigger-jagger bogger boger does. I bought two yesterday at the Freak Lunch Box and I’m going back for the big round lollipops.

Yesterday I liked one less person than I like today.

Everyone is lovable as long as they brush their teeth.

Someone once told me they liked being with me. Guess what? I do too, but I’m still here.

Once you name your guitar, you can leave it in your car for two days without it turning on you.

How long do dogs live? Mandy will be 10 next year. She still seems like a puppy to me. Should I be cherishing her even more?

Neither of my kids are feeling well today and I think KD is angry with me for not having the right cough medicine.

Homeopathic and herbal remedies are better for you than Red#6.

Drugstore dust masks are useless.


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