Daily Archives: November 18, 2007

I did good Dad…

It worked! The video explained everything so well, I wasn’t scared at all. I had to introduce some Pampered Chef tools into the mix, but I had the tank off in no time. I even checked to see if my plug was leaking. It wasn’t. The steady run of water has stopped thanks to simply turning down the water flow a bit. The wallpaper is gone. Next step is filling in all the holes and smoothing out any dents. Then, I’m back to the paint store for tester paint. I want to make sure I don’t regret my colour choice for the next 10 years.

I bet my Dad is smiling. He would have been 81 today.

I was thinking about the dialogue that would have ensued had I not been by myself. Something like:

“I need to get the toilet tank off to remove the paper behind it.”

“I’ve got a buddy that’s a plumber.”

“But he’s not here. Can you do it?”


“I found this video on-line that shows you how.”

“Don’t believe everything you see on-line. They always make it look easy.”

“Why would they lie?”

Jokingly, “Can’t you just leave it, no one is going to see it.”

Hairy eyeballs. “Oh, and it will have to come off again when I paint.”

“Well, can’t I just take it off when you’re ready to paint.”

“If you take it off this time, I’ll do it next time when you paint.”


How to repair a toilet…

This weekend KD, JB and I took down the wallpaper in the powder room. The paper had been there since I moved in over 10 years ago. It was nice, I guess, but it had to go. I need to take back my mansion and begin renos that inspire me to entertain. The next to go is the lace and topper on my front door…also left by the previous owner, who luckily for me, had pretty good taste…10 years ago.

So the boys helped all day on Saturday. JB took the first shift while KD played on Webkinz. Not that I want child labour after me, but for a four year old, he put in a solid two hours and worked hard to do a good job. Not once did he display the usual JB drama he’s so famous for. While I was cleaning up after lunch they both went in and started working. JB dropped out in favour of finding his Diago shorts and t-shirt, but KD hung in there and we made some real progress before his afternoon playdate.

JB and I went to the paint store to look at colour chips. Isn’t it funny how in the absence of toys, kids will find anything appealing, especially soft paint rollers, wallpaper books and new paint brushes. Is it just my kids that think they must leave every store with something? A quick trip to HomeSense nearly ended in disaster when JB decided he wanted to touch all the carefully placed glassware. The young store clerk stood paralyzed with fear. He started to meltdown when I told him we’d have to go, but then I gently took his hand and whispered, “Mommy went to the wrong store, this isn’t the one with all the good toys.”

There’s this fish and chip spot near me called, Freddie’s Fantastic Fish House. We had it Friday night and the kids wanted it again on Saturday. Lips bigger than their bellies and my weekend diet has now consisted mainly of FFFH morsals, save for my toasted tomato and avacado sandwich for breakfast.

After supper the boys played “nicely” on the computer while I continued to strip the paper and JB returned for a second shift. Luckily they were both off duty when water hit the lightbulb and it blew apart all over the bathroom.

This morning I finished removing the rest of the wallpaper…all but behind the toilet.  I was sure there must be a way to get the tank off so I googled it and found this video. I’ll let you know how I do. Actually, I could use some new toilet gear, but for now I just need it out of the way so I can celebrate with a cold corono, the last piece of fish and 60 minutes of yogalates.